MyFamily Guardian

56,925 NGN (incl VAT)

Peace of Mind is Everywhere

Sound the alarm, locate and communicate. Anytime, anywhere. That's the key to Guardian - a "peace of mind" product designed for elderly, chronically ill, children or lone workers, as well as their relatives and caregivers.

A New Level of Personal Safety

Guardian is offering a new level of safety beyond existing PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) and traditional social alarm systems. Fitted with a distress button and integrated active GPS system, it can activate a warning signal when needed, provide accurate location tracking and get immediate assistance when and where it is needed.

Built-in Cellular Speakerphone

Using its embedded quad-band GSM/GPRS module and built-in cellular speakerphone, Guardian enables voice calls to be made to numbers stored in speed dialling buttons (e.g. a relative or a doctor) or to be received from any caller or from the remote monitoring center.

GPS Location and Tracking

With its geofencing feature, Guardian enables accurate location of users in need. In the event that the wearer wanders outside a specified zone (e.g. neighbourhood or school area), the system can alert the monitoring center and/or a relative or caregiver.

Fully Programmable

Guardian is fully programmable over the air. Users or caregivers can program various features, such as speed dialling numbers, automatic answering, various alerts (e.g. when battery is low), geofencing area and more, all via a user-friendly Web-based interface.

  • Dimensions - 65 x 46 x 17 mm
  • Weight (battery included) - 75 g
  • Operating temperature - -10° ÷ 55°C
  • Battery - 3.7 VDC/660mAh Po-Li (rechargeable)
  • Standby time (typical) - Up to 90 hours
  • Talking time (typical) - 1.5 hours
  • Tracking time (typical) - > 24 Hours (@10 min. interval)
  • Safety call button - 1
  • Speed dialing buttons - 3 (user programmable)
  • Speaker and microphone - Internal
  • Automatic call answering - Included (programmable)
  • Wireless module - Telit GE863-GPS
  • Network - Dual band GSM/GPRS (900/1800)
  • GPS chipset - SiRF III
  • GPS antenna - Active built-in
  • GSM antenna - Integrate