Access to your smart devices is through your smart phone. Alerts are delivered through the app, email, SMS and smart device itself.

Android and iOS devices are supported.

Smartphone, Tablet and PC access are also supported.

You can expect to receive SMS and Call-ins from the Command Control Centre and Technical Support regarding Alerts and yourSmart Devices.


Alerts differ . Sole intent of the Alerts is transfer critical data from your smart devices to you and where necessary others.

Command Control always gets these Alerts as a backup in the event you are not available.

Alerts range from:

  • SMS Alert

  • Email Alert

  • App Alert

  • Hub Alert

  • Breadcrumb Alerts

  • Calendar Alerts

  • Speed Alerts

  • Safe Zone Alerts

  • SOS Alerts


Technical Support are responsible for ensuring all smart devices are correctly setup andalways up and running.

They act proactively by monitoring each individual device to ensure it is responding appropriately.

They are available day or night to assist with any issues that may arise from the smart device.

Our professional technical support team will tailor the setup of your system to your exact specifications. No system setup is ever the same as no family is the same. 



command control centre.png

Command Control Centre handles all Alerts received from smart device in the home or on persons.

They confirm Alerts and either scale down or refer to Emergency Response.

They are your immediate interface to handling all Alerts.


Professionals called in by Command Control to respond to medical, criminal, fire and other emergency situations.

Usually called out to your home or your location. (currently restricted to Lagos ONLY).

They are not the police but are accompanied by the police and can if necessary by emergency.