Track and Monitor the School bus runs from the comfort of your smart phone and PC.

MyFamily Mobile SchoolBus Run is a safety service for school children which allows parents to track and monitor the school bus their children/wards are in from home to school and back. This is possible with the following services from MyFamily Mobile:

  1. Ability for parents to track the location of the school bus their children are in, in real time, through the mobile app or portal (tracker).
  2. Ability to setup safe zones which notify parents by email when their children have departed from home and arrived at school and vice versa (safe zones)
  3. Notify parents of the location of the school bus in realtime every 15, 30, 60 or more minutes by email (breadcrumb alerts)
  4. Alerts parents as well as our armed response recovery team powered by G4S, the world renowned global private security team, of iminent danger once the SOS button in the school bus is pressed (SOS panic alert) .
  5. Immediate presence by the armed response team at the location indicated on app or portal as the location were the danger is present (Armed Response Recovery service).

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