MyFamily Mobile Launch of Amber Alert GPS

MyFamily Mobile provides children with tailor made GSM/GPS monitoring and tracking devices for the purposes of enabling parents receive alerts regarding the well being and location of their children. 

The devices indicate precise of children location on tailor made maps, alerts parents when children have left home for school, arrived at school, returned back home and covering up-to 20 locations. 

A global private security firm (G4S) is on-hand if the child senses they are in danger, all the child need do is press the panic alert button on the device.

Parents get a daily report from the device of all that has happened to their children throughout the day.

Speed Alert: 

Be alerted via text or email if your child is in a vehicle exceeding the speed limit you specify.


MyFamily Mobile can locate your family members. It utilizes a blend of GPS, GSM, and WiFi to provide the most accurate location information, indoors and out.

Panic Button: 

An emergency button triggers an automatic location beacon, and automatically calls the contacts established during setup. It also sends a push notification to the primary account holder.

Safe Zone: 

MyFamily Mobile allows virtual fences which if crossed outside certain times alerts loved ones of the boundary having been crossed. Set up to 20 safe zones and get an alert via text or email when your little one enters or exits the virtual boundaries.


MyFamily Mobile operates on GSM networks to relay its position to loved ones and its inbuilt intelligence allows the devices to select the best GSM network to use at any point in time. So in an emergency the likelihood of the device not communicating its position to fellow loved ones is remote as at least one network will be operational.

Location Services: 

MyFamily website available on mobile or PC to track loved ones.


MyFamily Mobile enables parents to set the schedule—minutes or hours—and get the exact location of a child sent directly to you via text or email.

24 x 7 Emergency Response Monitoring: 

In partnership with G4S MyFamily Mobile provides armed response services to help recover our loved ones that are in danger. This service works through the panic button , which when pressed alerts MyFamily Mobile crisis centre which escalates to the G4S armed response team if deemed necessary.

Power On & Off Alerts: 

Notifies the contacts you specify via email, text and web when it is turned on, turned off or when it dies due to a discharged battery.

Inactivity Alerts: 

Notifies the contacts you specify via email, text and web when it has been inactive (no motion detected) for a configured period of time.

School Ready: 

A unique feature that you can activate to block all incoming calls while the child is in a school or learning environment. Calls coming from child (including SOS calls) can still be initiated to the pre-programmed number. An email and/or SMS text alerts can automatically be sent to the school administrators to confirm that the School Ready feature has been activated.

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