October 2016 Newsletter


October 2016

Final 2015/2016 primary school league match between Temple Primary, Chrisland Opebi, Primary  and Corona School Gbagada


The 2015/16 finals match between Temple, Corona and Chrisland primary schools was successfully held at British International School on the 25th of June 2016. Corona School Gbagada won the 2015/16 ARS EDP league. They were presented with the league cup, “HOC GENUS UNUM DE CALICE BIBAT”

Final 2015/2016 secondary school league match between Temple Secondary and British International School



The final match between Temple and British International School is scheduled to occur from 9am, 8th October 2016 at Temple Secondary School, Ikeja.

The cup “HOC GENUS UNUM DE CALICE BIBAT” shall be awarded to the league winner on the same day.

Passing away of Ayo Johnsons’ father

We regret to announce the passing away of the father to Ayo Johnson, ARS EDP Head Coach. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Ayo may be reached on: 0802 623 8386 or 0803 645 5494

2017 Tour of London and Kent


We regret to announce that the Tour has been suspended until we are able to increase the budget from our corporate sponsor or source funds from a new additional corporate sponsor.

The original budget was grossly devalued due to the drastic fall of the Naira to the Pound Sterling.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments.

 Any comments or questions should be directed to Seyi Opanubi on: +234 803 301 9519 or seyi@focusonmyfamily-ng.com

Any corporate seeking to participate in the tour should please contact Jim Friedlander on: +44 1865 261 459or jim.friedlander@gmail.com

Full Colours and Half Colour Ties, Pins and Badges

Players that have excelled are awarded Full Colours or Half Colours. Their names are  listed on thewebsite. Such players are entitled to own and wear Full or Half Colour Ties, Pins or Badges. Please go to either of the below to order your ties, pins and badges.





Please note that these awards are recognised globally and hold a great deal of influence when applying to other schools for admission.

Barbarian Ties

Barbarian Ties, Pins and Badges are also available for those players leaving the school for another school. Please pick them up by ordering on the following web pages:





Primary and Secondary School League Match Results

Please go to http://www.focusonmyfamily-ng.com/2016-league-match-results/ for the current results of the Primary School League Matches.

Please go to http://www.focusonmyfamily-ng.com/2016-secondary-school-league-match-results/ for the current results of the Secondary School League Matches.


·         Once players leave their schools to go to other schools they continue being members of the ARS EDP.

·         They are now known as Barbarians.

·         This means they tour in school colours as ex-pupils of their previous  school.

·         Parents will relate directly with the ARS EDP to ensure training continues assuming ARS EDP is not available at their new school.

·         Parents will receive communication from ARS EDP via email, sms and calls.

·         Schools will no longer be the medium of communication.

·         Barbarians tour in the colours of the school from which they joined the ARS EDP.