A Managed Service Provider of home and office automation and security devices. Subscribers pay a fixed monthly sum for hardware that is installed in their home or office but managed by MyFamily Mobile.
A Virtual Mobile Network Operator offering smart locators and smart watches for the family for a monthly subscription. 

our vision

Touching lives in the family with a view to strengthening and creating bonds that tie each family member.

Our Objective

  • Offering technology designed and tailor made to assist families with creating and strengthening their bonds

  • Sales and support staff that provide care and support for our families by carefully explaining our technology offerings and how they are best suited for each families individual needs.

  • Family centric locations filled with activities and support staff that engage children and parents in a productive and creative manner like our Protectors of the Realm Zone

  • School oriented activities that promote parent child interaction and positive motivation to excel such as the  Al RUGBY School Elite Development Program.

our mission

Enabling families:

Communicate meaningfully, thoughts, feelings and goals

Share more of each others triumphs and challenges

Intentionally interact with each other to aid growth together as a family

Support each other through challenges and obstacles

MyFamily Mobile is a brand of The Club International

MyFamily Mobile is a brand of The Club International

Our Core Values

Never give up



Calm in the face of opposition

Speak the truth


The Club International
107, Aina Street,
Ojodu, Ikeja,
Lagos, Nigeria

Tel: +234 816 403 2059
Email: info@focusonmyfamily-ng.com

Children First

Children First

“Simplicity of use and durability is critical for our little angels”