Professionally managed smart devices consisting of sensors, smart locators, wireless cameras, edutainment tablets, and smart watches for your entire family’s well-being.

Bring Your Own Device Scheme

Supporting schools with their "bring your own device" (BYOD) scheme. 

Smart devices you can subscribe for each month.

Smart devices range from wireless smart high resolution cameras; edutainment tablets; smart watches; smart locators for parents and children and wireless sensors that monitor everything from determining presence of loved ones or staff,door or window intruders, valuables protection, physical fitness, coffee and water intake.

We have sensors for most things.  

Our subscribers receive alerts in different formats to ensure they are always in the know.

There are: SMS Alerts, Email Alerts, Hub Alerts, App Alerts, Call in by Command and Control, Emergency Response to your location, Call in by Technical Support ....

Subscribers monitor and control smart devices from their smart phone or tablet through the apps, website, hub or email box.

We will work with you to care protect and support your business, family and home for less with our low monthly fee, and one (1) month minimum commitment.

24 / 7 Technical Support | emergency Response Service | Command and Control Centre.
In case of an emergency, the systems sends you alerts, but what happens when you need real help?
From our CCC (Command Control Centre) your system is backed up by a 24/7 central monitoring station, that will contact you, send in ERS (Emergency Response Services) to you business, home or current location and if necessary even the police.


Some of our smart devices (Smart Watch with Locator and Smart Locator with Voice) utilize a unique network.

This unique network ensures your service is never interrupted. Basically, we have multiple independent networks on the same SIM, combined with a application that allows maximum control of where and when the SIM can connect.

Our smart devices support your needs at home and at work for an affordable monthly subscription.

Safe and Fun On Demand Edutainment on the move or at home for a monthly subscription.

“Add on” any of the below to your chosen “Plan” for a low monthly subscription.